How to get hair accessories in covet fashion: Your Complete Guide


Covet Fashion, the popular mobile fashion game, is all about expressing your unique style and creativity by styling virtual models for various fashion challenges. One of the many exciting features Covet offers is the ability to accessorize your models with a wide range of items, including hair accessories. These small but impactful details can truly make or break a look. In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about acquiring and using hair accessories in Covet Fashion.

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What Are Hair Accessories in Covet Fashion?

Hair accessories in Covet Fashion are the finishing touches to your virtual fashion creations. They range from simple headbands and hairpins to extravagant tiaras and flower crowns. These accessories add an extra layer of flair and uniqueness to your model’s look.

How to Obtain Hair Accessories

1. Shop: The primary way to acquire hair accessories is by visiting the in-game shop. Covet Fashion regularly updates its inventory with new accessories. You can purchase them using in-game currency or with real money if you’re in a hurry to get a specific piece.

2. Win Challenges: Participate in styling challenges, and if your entry scores well, you can earn hair accessories as rewards. These challenges often have specific themes, and the better your styling aligns with the theme, the higher your chances of winning and receiving accessories.

3. Daily Login Rewards: Covet Fashion often offers daily login rewards, and sometimes these rewards include hair accessories. Be sure to log in regularly to take advantage of these bonuses.

4. Fashion Houses: Joining a fashion house and participating in rally events can earn you hair accessories as a part of the house’s rewards.

How to Use Hair Accessories

Once you’ve acquired hair accessories, it’s time to use them to enhance your model’s look. Here’s how:

1. Enter a Challenge: Pick a challenge that allows you to use hair accessories. Challenges often have specific requirements, so make sure to read the challenge description to ensure that accessories are allowed.

2. Accessories Tab: When styling your model, tap on the “Accessories” tab, which typically includes options for necklaces, earrings, and of course, hair accessories.

3. Choose and Place: Browse your collection of hair accessories and select the one that complements your look the best. Then, simply tap and drag it onto your model’s hair.

4. Adjust and Fine-Tune: You can adjust the placement of the hair accessory by tapping and dragging it into the desired position. You can also resize it to fit perfectly with your model’s hairstyle.

5. Save and Submit: Once you’re satisfied with the look, save your styling and submit it to the challenge. You can’t make further changes once you’ve submitted your entry, so ensure everything is just right.

Tips for Using Hair Accessories

  • Coordinate your hair accessory with the overall theme and style of the challenge to maximize your score.
  • Don’t overdo it. Sometimes, less is more. A simple, well-placed accessory can have a more significant impact than multiple ones.
  • Pay attention to your model’s hair color and style when choosing an accessory. Some may look better with specific hairstyles and colors.
  • Experiment and have fun. Part of the joy of Covet Fashion is trying out different combinations to create unique and stylish looks.


In Covet Fashion, hair accessories are your secret weapon for creating stunning, one-of-a-kind looks for fashion challenges. Whether you’re shopping, winning challenges, or participating in fashion houses, acquiring these accessories is the key to elevating your virtual style game. By following these tips and guidelines, you can become a Covet Fashion stylist extraordinaire, creating jaw-dropping looks with the perfect hair accessory to match. So go ahead, accessorize, and make your virtual fashion statement!