How to get Voidwalker Deepwoken: A Comprehensive Guide

How to get Voidwalker Deepwoken Styles Stay

Deepwoken, a highly anticipated open-world fantasy game, has taken the gaming community by storm with its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and intriguing lore. One of the most elusive and intriguing elements of Deepwoken is the Voidwalker, a powerful class shrouded in mystery. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what the Voidwalker is and how to get it, allowing you to harness its dark, enigmatic powers to enhance your Deepwoken experience.

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Understanding the Voidwalker

The Voidwalker is a unique class in Deepwoken, known for its mastery of shadow and darkness. It’s a class that excels in stealth, evasion, and dealing massive damage with its dark-themed abilities. To unlock the Voidwalker class and access its abilities, you’ll need to embark on a quest that takes you deep into the game’s intricate storyline. Here’s how to get started:

1. Progress Through the Main Story

To unlock the Voidwalker class, you must first progress through the main storyline of Deepwoken. This involves completing various quests, exploring the expansive world, and delving into the lore of the game. The Voidwalker class is not accessible from the beginning, so you’ll need to invest some time in the game to reach this point.

2. Reach the Voidwalker Nexus

As you progress through the main storyline, you’ll eventually come across a location known as the “Voidwalker Nexus.” This is a significant milestone on your journey to unlocking the Voidwalker class. The Voidwalker Nexus is a place of great significance, closely tied to the origins and powers of the Voidwalker class.

3. Solve Puzzles and Defeat Challenges

Upon reaching the Voidwalker Nexus, you’ll encounter a series of puzzles, challenges, and enemies that must be conquered to prove your worth. These challenges are designed to test your problem-solving skills, combat abilities, and determination. You’ll need to solve puzzles, defeat formidable foes, and exhibit your knowledge of the game’s mechanics to progress.

4. Uncover the Lore of the Voidwalker

As you delve deeper into the Voidwalker Nexus, you’ll uncover crucial pieces of the Voidwalker’s lore and history. This knowledge is vital to understanding the class and its unique abilities. Take your time to read the lore, interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), and piece together the narrative elements that surround the Voidwalker class.

5. Fulfill the Nexus’s Requirements

To access the Voidwalker class, you’ll need to meet specific requirements set by the Voidwalker Nexus. These requirements may include collecting rare items, reaching a certain level, or demonstrating your mastery of specific in-game mechanics. Be prepared to invest time and effort to meet these criteria.

6. Prove Your Dedication to the Voidwalker

The Voidwalker class is not granted lightly; you must prove your dedication to the darkness and your commitment to embracing its powers. This may involve completing a special quest that solidifies your connection to the Voidwalker class and its abilities.

7. Unlock Voidwalker Abilities

Once you have satisfied the requirements and demonstrated your dedication, you’ll gain access to the Voidwalker class and its unique abilities. These abilities typically include shadow manipulation, stealth, enhanced mobility, and powerful dark-themed attacks. The Voidwalker class is known for its versatility and adaptability, making it a favorite among Deepwoken players.

Tips for Obtaining the Voidwalker Class

Obtaining the Voidwalker class is a challenging and rewarding journey in Deepwoken. To make the process smoother and more enjoyable, here are some tips:

1. Complete Side Quests: While the main storyline is essential, don’t overlook the importance of side quests. They can provide valuable experience, items, and knowledge that will aid you on your path to becoming a Voidwalker.

2. Collaborate with Other Players: Deepwoken is a game that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Join forces with other players to tackle challenging puzzles and enemies in the Voidwalker Nexus. The combined strength of a group can make certain tasks more manageable.

3. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the latest game updates and community discussions about the Voidwalker class. Developers may introduce new ways to unlock the class or provide hints and tips from experienced players.

4. Practice Patience: Unlocking the Voidwalker class is not meant to be a quick and easy process. Enjoy the journey, savor the challenges, and celebrate your progress as you draw closer to becoming a master of darkness.

The Power of the Voidwalker

Once you’ve successfully unlocked the Voidwalker class, you’ll gain access to its unique abilities, allowing you to wield the power of the void. These abilities include:

1. Shadow Step: A teleportation ability that lets you move quickly and silently through the shadows.

2. Dark Embrace: A defensive ability that shrouds you in a protective cloak of darkness, rendering you almost invisible to enemies.

3. Void Strike: A powerful melee attack that harnesses the dark energy of the Voidwalker to deal devastating damage to your foes.

4. Blackout: An area-of-effect ability that plunges your surroundings into darkness, blinding and confusing your enemies.

5. Soul Siphon: An ability that allows you to drain the life force of your enemies, restoring your health and mana.

With these abilities at your disposal, you can become a formidable force in the world of Deepwoken, capable of both stealthy infiltration and powerful offensive strikes.


Unlocking the Voidwalker class in Deepwoken is a challenging and rewarding endeavor that adds depth and excitement to your gaming experience. As you journey through the main storyline, conquer the challenges of the Voidwalker Nexus, and prove your dedication to the dark powers of the Void, you’ll become a master of shadow and stealth. Embrace the enigmatic powers of the Voidwalker and revel in the unique gameplay experience it offers. Deepwoken’s captivating world and the elusive Voidwalker class await your exploration, so set forth on your quest and let the darkness guide you.