What is a Florida room? All you need to know about Florida room

What is a Florida room? All you need to know about Florida room

The Florida room is essentially a living space addition for residential amenities that is construct into a home’s side or rear wall and cover. The prominence of this addition to the house gives it its name in Florida.

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A Florida room is also referrer to by many other names, such as a sun room, solarium, garden room, patio room, sun porch, winter garden, and conservatory, in addition to its geographical designation. Before air conditioning became a common household appliance, it was Florida’s way of coping with the heat of the day and gave residents a place to live outside when it got too hot indoors.

What does the Florida room look like?

Old-fashioned napping porches with rocking chairs, gliders, jalousie windows, and terrazzo floors from bygone eras are no longer what the Florida room looks like. Instead, it has become increasingly popular, appearing in homes all over the world, regardless of location or climate, and being decorate in a variety of ways, including classical, contemporary, and hybrid styles.

What does the Florida room look like?

A Florida room’s architecture and design usually include one or more glass walls, lots of windows, and natural light to maximize the view of the surrounding countryside. Fully functional outdoor kitchens that are design to resemble their indoor counterparts can be incorporate into the décor. These can be modular kitchens in the Euro Style or cabinetry that accommodates appliances and offer lots of storage and seating.

Depending on the space, homeowners can design a comfortable haven with soft furnishings and an assortment of plants, or they can add a dinette set to make the Florida room function as an extension of the house.

The benefit of adding a Florida room

To enhance comfort even further, Florida rooms can be built with heating and cooling systems and insulation to readily accommodate seasonal temperature variations, earning them the designation of Four Seasons room.  The benefit of adding a Florida room is that it can increase a home’s worth. When presenting a home for sale, a Florida room is typically exclude from the gross pricing area, or total square footage. It can, however, be incorporate in the GPA by adding heating and cooling.

Would you rather leave a Florida room without the heating and air conditioning system? It can also stay a straightforward, conventional screened-in patio that feels like an outdoor space while acting as an extra room free of bothersome insects. It can also be the ideal transition place from an outdoor living area with a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and lounging areas.

Designs options

Place – Florida room extensions are typically made to pre-existing buildings by putting the new space on the back side of the house. This gives you more privacy from the street without sacrificing your ability to enjoy the sun and keep your plants healthy. However, if the view from that spot is exceptionally impressive, folks may decide to add a Florida room to the side of their house.

Designs options

Culinary Corner

An outdoor kitchen that offers prep, cooking, and dining spaces in a cover space free of bugs, debris, and weather can be incorporate into a Florida room design. In addition to additional utilities and conveniences like a sink, wine cooler, ice maker, mini bar, and plenty of storage to reduce the need for frequent visits inside the house, the cabinetry can hold a grill with an above exhaust hood. Make a dining area that is the same as the indoor version, but better with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside that your visitors will like! A Florida room setting is a perfect fit for Euro-style outdoor kitchen cabinetry, such as TECNO, the exclusive model offer by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens.

Glass Selection

Double-paned glass is frequently use in construction to keep Florida rooms warm and comfortable even in the winter. The inner set of panes tends to absorb more of the real room temperature, whereas the outer set of panes absorbs the colder temperature. The view is not affect in the slightest by the double panes, and they can have a significant impact on the room’s temperature regulation.


Would you like more light? Add a skylight or two, if possible. This enhances the room’s feeling of coziness by letting in even more natural light. This kind of Florida room is popularly consider to be the best option for obtaining the advantages of natural sunshine during bitterly cold and chilly outdoor temperatures.

Windows to the World: Different window styles can add additional light, whether they are clerestory-style or above eye level.

Start a Fire

A fireplace or pellet stove can be use as a temporary heating source.

Ideas for Decorating a Florida Room

Decorating the Florida room is the next step after design and construction. Even though there are a ton of Pinterest boards and Instagram hashtags including decorating ideas for Florida rooms, we’ll still provide you with a few suggestions to really bring your area to life.

Start a Fire

Plant It

Do you want the Florida room to have a conservatory-like atmosphere? Go all green and include a potting bench and a variety of live plant species in enormous urns filled with dried branches and ferns as accent pieces. The abundance of sunlight will support their growth.

Draw the Curtains

In Florida rooms, drapery panels are becoming more and more common. Climate drapes allow you to completely shut off a place from the outside world. They are usually line to offer further protection from the outside and coate to resist fading from continuous exposure to sunlight.

Light It Up

For after-dark illumination, make a reading nook with lanterns and oil lamps.

Cozy Up: Dinette chairs and counter stools, as well as soft cushions and accent pillows, provide coziness and invitingness to furniture.

Adding a Florida room to an existing home or new construction is a terrific idea, regardless of the design and decoration you decide on.

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